Willi Orbán: Some call me Vilmos in the national team

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Didn't you want to take a risk or Liverpool didn't let the attack unfold? We tried to maintain the balance between attack and defense, but then we couldn't put the opponent under pressure. The soldier is always smarter after the fight, so we could say that maybe we should've attacked more aggressively and pushed up our defense better, but these are not easy decisions when it comes to attacking the opponent full of legends.

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How do you evaluate the relegation in the eighth finals now? Then, Liverpool awaited us in the top The English team might not be in the best form right now, but they still remain one of the strongest teams in Europe with a huge international experience.

Is it a lot or not?


Realistically, we would have a chance of winning the league if Bayern stumbled two or three times in the remaining rounds, but I see very little chance of that. Nevertheless, we would like to win the remaining games.

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If Bayern are to lose points, we will be on tap. My city bremen single, it's important that we have a realistic look at our situation.

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You had more positions, but the opponent won Do you agree that that meeting was Leipzig's big chance? We all knew the stakes of the game and, as in the first match against Liverpool, it all depended on small things, unfortunately in the opponent's favor once again.

A bejelentkezés kezdete:a kijelentkezés időszak vége: Korai bejelentkezést, illetve késői kijelentkezést kérhet a foglalás során, melyre a szabad kapacitás függvényében van lehetőség. A megadott időszakon kívüli be- és kijelentkezés pótdíj megfizetését vonhatja maga után. A szálláshely szálloda poggyászmegőrzési szolgáltatást kínál a vendégek számára a bejelentkezés előtt és a kijelentkezés után.

We had more opportunities to score, but we missed the last passes and lacked the killer instinct. After the match we were all disappointed, but we can learn a lot from games like this.

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So, the question arises what experience one of the Bundesliga's best defenders has of the two strikers. The Bayern striker is a little more experienced and smarter; he watches the defenders' moves, he looks for my city bremen single empty space, he shows up in every place where he can get the ball.

The Norwegian attacker has amazing physical parameters at the age of 20, is very strong, incredibly fast and makes the most of his strengths. I'm sure none of them should be out of sight and can only be stopped as a team.

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Are you expecting a similar match? That meeting will start frombut since we'll see each other again in two weeks, we wanted to show what we can do.

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We did it, we played really well, controlled the whole time, and we won a psychologically important victory with a perfect outcome.

When two teams meet twice in a short period of time, memories are in the minds of the footballers.


We'll see what the defeat triggers for the Bremer team, but we're preparing for the semi-finals in the same spirit. It's going to be a tough game, but we're going to do everything we can to get to the final and finally win a trophy.

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With My city bremen single Nagelsmann's arrival, our game has improved a lot. He is a coach from whom we can learn something new every day.

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Maybe this season we've been unlucky with the positions; we missed a lot of opportunities in important games. Our attacking line-up has amazing potential, but we still lack a finishing striker who scores 15 or 20 goals each season.

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There may be another extension, or I may take advantage of the opportunity offered by the club. That pretty much means I could learn the role of a sporting director or a coach at Leipzig or another club in the Red Bull family, but that's really far away.

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The város újság augsburg ismerősök really wanted me to stay and because I'm having a great time in Leipzig, we agreed quickly. I hope there are many beautiful moments to come.

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The defender is looking forward to the Euro matches in Budapest Photo: Miklós Szabó — Besides Leipzig, you're also a key man in the Hungarian national team.