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When modern problems require ancient solutions. Title: The Last Starmachine Author: litzing Word Count: The ceiling, emblazoned with a fractal map of the universe that must have taken thousands of cycles to complete, hangs over me like a midnight sky as I cross the grand cavern to the very last Starmachine. I reach out to touch the structure, but I hesitate right before my fingertips can brush the stone and withdraw my hand.

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He approaches the Starmachine, regarding it with awe. You could turn it on.

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But one can never be too sure. Masza leans closer to see. Runes similar to those on the Starmachine are etched into the surface. A long, jagged rod extends from the top.

Not much to look at; the antiques dealer I bought it from was using it as a paperweight.

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Oh, I am so excited. Imagine what we can do with the last Starmachine, Masza! Light up skies! We can create new worlds capable of life! How amazing! My smile fades when I raise my eyes to see him looking disgruntled. What is it? Yes, of course. Thank you for guiding me, Masza, I greatly appreciate your assistance. I wonder if I can turn them?

Surely the stone has deteriorated over time, perhaps even cracked in some places The key fits like a glove in the largest dial, and it turns with ease.

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So this is—And this small one here determines—Hmmm Maybe this big dial Referencing my notes, I arrange the dials in a very precise way. They must be correct, or I could cause catastrophic damage to the universe. Masza, why—?

Of course not! Masza, Starmachines are the closest thing to gods this universe has! They create life! And we found one! This is the archaeological discovery of the millennium. I listen.

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My parents are wealthy aristocrats on Tikka. I can afford it.

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You could take billions of lives. Maybe hiring a guide from a bar on Ssarrha was a bad move. I glance up at the Starmachine, my beloved, and chew my lip in thought. Is my sense of self-preservation strong enough to outweigh info 1a know sprawdzian morals?

Turning over info 1a know sprawdzian research to this thug will put trillions of lives in jeopardy. Could I do that to save my own skin? Keresek men lyon found the last Starmachine. He stumbles and falls with a surprised yelp, his blaster slipping from his fingers and clattering off info 1a know sprawdzian the side.

I dive for the blaster, but Masza catches me by the ankle and hauls me towards him. I try in vain to claw my way forward, my nails scrabbling against the stone until they split and bleed. Gasping for breath, Masza drags me closer and flips me over so he can straddle my waist and hold me down. After a swift punch to the face that must have broken my nose, his rough hands find my throat, and he squeezes.

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Pale blue Ssarrhan blood bursts from the wound when I rip the knife out, and Masza shrieks in pain, releasing my neck to try to stop the bleeding with both hands. The cavern rumbles. I watch in awe as a brilliant golden glow creeps through the runes carved into the Starmachine, lighting up every crevice from bottom to top.

A large panel in the ceiling above the Starmachine slides open, exposing the night sky.

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As the glow reaches the top of the cylinder, I feel electricity in the air, a crackling static that raises my hackles and stings my eyes. After a deafening silence, the Starmachine roars to life. It sounds like the wind howling in a hurricane.

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I feel myself being pulled towards the cylinder, and Info 1a know sprawdzian grab the control panel to keep steady. Masza is not so lucky.

His agonized screams will haunt me for the rest of my life, but soon, he is nothing more than a pile of ash.

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With an explosion that leaves my ears ringing, the Starmachine ejects some sort of projectile into the sky. Then the glow fades, the dials spin back to their default position, and all is quiet, save for the panel on the roof sliding shut. But before it can close, I see a prick of light in the sky that was not always there.