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The end of confrontation between Bielefeld egyetlen párt and West, European integration and the process of extension of the European Union contributed to international exchange of experiences and communication between individual citizens and states to the extent once unimaginable for European nations — in all areas of economy, culture, science and politics.

Also in the field of historical sciences possibilities of cooperation with the East European partners never were so diverse and contacts between scholars from the West and East as intensive as they are now.

Such situation happened to a certain degree thanks to accession of the Central-European countries to the European Union in and and abolition bielefeld egyetlen párt the most of inner borders in the EU. Despite of that the European nations are not able to develop common identity because their ways of thinking and acting are dictated by categories and values prevailing in each particular nation.

Human reasoning is usually reduced to well known, national patterns and historical awareness as reflected in public debates and historical discussions in media to a great extent do not go beyond national horizons. History of 20th century was rarely present so frequently in political and social discourse as it is now.

Quite on the contrary. Over six decades after the end of the World War II and two decades after fall of Communism in Europe such problems like discussion on history, memory and commemoration bielefeld egyetlen párt back on agenda. Germany and other European countries started anew process of investigating their own history and European history in a broader perspective.

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European states review the images of history taken from the others, discuss their own national memories of historical events and at the same time they look for common references for coherent, international culture of memory. This success is a sign of a new interest in history and possibilities of understanding it.

The consecutive institutes investigating the Communist past and resistance against similar oppression were established in Warsaw, Bratislava, Prague and Bucharest. In was unveiled in Berlin the monument commemorating the victims of Holocaust, in in Tbilisi and Kiev were opened the Museums of Soviet Occupation.

A kockázat lehetséges eseményre utal, a katasztrófák lehetoségének megelolegezése. Meg kell különböztetnünk egyfelol a jövot, amirol nem tudunk semmit, másfelol a jövorol alkotott elképzelésünket, ami a legátfogóbb értelemben vett globális kockázatként jelenik meg.

In they started to develop plans of the Museum of the World War II in Gdańsk and in in Berlin they started construction of a monument commemorating German Gypsies and Roma people murdered under Nazi rule.

Also in there was established in Prague the Institute for Research of Totalitarian Regimes and in in Bucharest a central monument by Peter Jacobi, an artist of German-Transylvanian origin was erected to remind the victims of Holocaust.

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There are many other examples from other countries. Indeed, contemporary historical discourse devotes less attention to the earlier historical periods when common values and cultural references common for many nations were being shaped in Europe.

Such kind of historical awareness rather introduces division than encourages development of common identity, because continuity of history and historical memory was disturbed by crimes committed during this century, the crimes the scale of which was beyond any imagination.

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We should not to disclaim the history of bielefeld egyetlen párt century, but today, 20 years after end of conflict between the West and East we have to refer in even stronger way to intellectual and cultural roots of Europe.

What specific events of 20th century have led to breakdown of memory, caused deep wounds in awareness of the European nations and resulted in such multitude of different images of history in our continent?

Jobboldali populizmus

The countries of Eastern Europe became in — a stage for the Nazi and Soviet politics of terror. They brought about great suffering of millions of people who frequently were not involved in any political developments of the time. These facts and in particular the vast number of victims mourned in many countries are present in memory of European nations although this presence is diverse way since each nation is considering given historical event in perspective of its own fate first.

It happens frequently that that memory about bielefeld egyetlen párt event prevailing in one nation competes with or even bielefeld egyetlen párt the memory of the same event as seen by the other nation.

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The long-term result of such traditional western orientation is the fact that because of language barrier the process of reckoning with the past that lasted in the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe from up to now did not find its way to awareness of many people and did not enter into political historical discourse. This thesis can be supported by the fact of fervent debate concerning expulsion and forced resettlement of Germans bielefeld egyetlen párt was conducted in Poland both in scientific circles and in press.

This debate still is waiting for its wider prevalence in Germany. On the other hand professional literature published in western languages constitutes a valuable source which is frequently used and further developed by people from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless the important thing is to know how to attempt these differences. It makes no sense to declare them unjustified [ Besides this Platform supposed to take over scientific and educational tasks and coordinating functions.

There is no doubt that the past should be analysed while taking into consideration and referring to perspectives of the partners of discourse. Matthias Weber born - historian, Germanist. Since associate professor in University in Oldenburg.


A több Európa igazságosabb is

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