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    A német nemzetiségi és faji politika Magyarországon a Kislemez fulda. Dramatic change came in this regard with the German occupation of the country 19 March Then started the stigmatization, ghettoization and deportation of the Jews — predominantly to Auschwitz-Birkenau.

    The exact number of martyrs is still hotly debated. According to the most authoritative scholarly opinions, the number of deported Jewish victims can be young man hiányzó research to between and thousand.

    Yet in political parlance and public history the round and symbolic figure of thousand has become rooted.

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    Another debated issue is whether the prosecution by the nazis of the Sintis and Roma was done on racial grounds, or they were treated as so-called anti-social elements.

    The number of Gypsies deported to extermination camps from Hungary can be put to a couple of thousand.

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    From the late s the claim of instrumentalizing the Young man hiányzó research minorities in the service of the aggressive foreign political aims of the Third Reich became increasingly evident. In order to accomplish the re-settlement plans, the Germans concluded interstate treaties with almost all countries in Europe where German minorities lived.

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    The agreement with Hungary was signed on 29 Maybut it was never put into effect. In the eastern regions occupied during the war an overt and brutal Germanizing policy was implemented, based on the Generalplan Ost, which had been elaborated in offices of the SS specially assigned to this task. In the foreign policies of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially under the aegis of the Brandtian Ostpolitik, considerable emphasis was put on relations with the states belonging to the former German settlement area, such as Hungary, and on strengthening the bridge-function of those German minorities which had remained there after refuge and deportation in the war.

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