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The result is the blueprint of everything I like in music. Something like the perfect dark doom album, at least, perfect for me. De band heeft altijd kwaliteit afgeleverd, maar de laatste tijd werden de albums toch een beetje voorspelbare gotische rock. Melancholie staat voorop, grunts hebben terug een plaats gevonden bovenop het warme, donkere stemgeluid en het album etaleert diepe emoties.

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Componist Oliver Nikolas Schmid en zijn broer volgden hun hart om het beste materiaal ooit te schrijven, geïnspireerd door waar zij nog altijd het liefst naar luisteren. Dat ging niet zonder slag of stoot, maar zoals steeds is gitarist Oliver enthousiast om ons alle verhalen uit de doeken te doen.

Het San Diego Fire — Rescue Department telt een personeelsbestand van meer dan man, ze rukken jaarlijks naar meer dan interventies vanuit hun 47 brandweerposten. Ze hebben een zeer groot wagenpark voor de verschillende eenheden binnen hun dienst; naast de gewone autopompen en autoladders hebben ze nog tal van commandowagens en andere ondersteuningsvoertuigen zoals die voor de Rescue company, HazMat company, de luchthavenbrandweer. Ze runnen hun eigen bommenopruimingsdienst, ze hebben 2 helikopters, hun eigen blus- en reddingsvaartuigen en ze treden op als first responders in een joint venture met de ziekenwagendienst. Onnodig te zeggen dus dat dit korps een perfecte gastheer is voor de Fire Observers.

How are you doing? Hey, so nice to meet you again, finally. You know, last year was not easy for me, I had to say goodbye to all of my band members, had to find new ones, compose about 20 tracks for the album and yes… this cost me two years on and off of my life.

In the end the result is cool, no, better, shit it´s my very own masterpiece, so it feels good that I don t waste my time and I think it has been worth all the tears, sweat, toil, headaches because of too much of everything. There are good days and bad wanneer te gaat flört ver. At the end this affected my songwriting. Cause earlier days I only took my guitar and play, mostly crap stuff laughs and sometimes cool stuff came over.

Nowadays I was waiting and listening till the melody finds me.

Good things come to those who wait and I have been very patient, but nowadays I changed diet and I feel better now. When, how and why did svájc találkozik a nők feel the need to create a more doomy album again and connect more with the early sound of Lacrimas Profundere? There are some wonderful tracks and moments on the album, but also some things I would not do anymore.

But soon after the release Wanneer te gaat flört ver had in my mind to compose a doom dark record again without concept story behind, only the questions: Why did I become a musician, which bands influenced me 25 years ago and why nobody told me that my mustache looks so stupid laughs. Something like the perfect dark doom album. I wanted to combine the riffing of Primordial with the vibe of Anathema and the tunes of Paradise Lost, or Dark Tranquillity.

I wanted to combine all my influences and make the album I always wanted to hear. When I sit down to write a song, I do the song for myself. I write wanneer te gaat flört ver song for myself because I need to come out with that particular song. Last couple of years, I often thought about the best period of my life. When you get older, you look back at things. The only thing that counts is: does free dating toulon swallow my heart, touches my soul and stays in my head?

This time I think I´ve created some of those. You know if I count everything together, the result is: sitting in bus or plane: four years and 27 days playing time in this period: eight weeks laughs.

People change as they grow, and they want to go in different directions and do different things and suddenly in the beginning of I a microsoft 365 egyszeri 1 év ingyenes the only member that was left who would still die for this band.

I stood in front of a pile of shards that either could be left laying or wanted to be put together. But the good thing is that it brought you closer to working together again more than ever wanneer te gaat flört ver your brother Christopher for the writing process. Can you tell something more about those writing sessions without deadline and freedom of creation? Also Rob wasn´t able to do these screams and shouts, so we would have stayed in the goth rock genre.

Now Julian can sing anything. Which songs came out of your pen first?

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Do you want to shine a light on a track that invoke the early magic maybe, by being so dark? I knew that I had something very special here. From that day on I can´t wait to enter the studio and bring the stuff out to the people.

I looked in the mirror and thought to myself you have to do it just the way you want to do it.

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I think as long as my hair is clean and I have clean clothes on that should be enough, my complete attention was to put out the best that I have inside of me. Nevertheless you managed to find a fine balance between the old doom sound and familiar up-tempo gothic vibes I think. Yeah, I think so too.

People wanneer te gaat flört ver married and people get divorced, Some people — very few — but some people end up going back with their ex-wives, so Dominik is something like my ex laughs. No, Domi was in the band many years ago and we had a great chemistry with him as band member — we always want to embrace that chemistry.

He was always a very good friend of mine and he is an outstanding drummer, so as all my band mates decided to leave, he was my first phone call.

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Next challenge: finding a new singer. How did you manage to do that? Can you tell a bit more about the person of Julian Larre? To be honest, nobody in my school was a really good singer or performer. How I can describe it in a friendly way: not everybody who calls himself a singer, is really a singer.

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Everything started getting better and better. Everybody has sometimes thoughts about it: is there a life after death, what will stay if we leave and I always come to that point that you only can leave the biggest footsteps you can walk.

Last year we read up on the big bang theory a bit. When something huge is created, there is always wanneer te gaat flört ver involved somewhere in the process. So we thought that as the universe was created the stars have to bleed also. Bleeding the Stars deals primarily with the theme of destiny, how it is fulfilled or how it is forced to fulfill it. Really like that idea, but my blood would not be enough for every item of the Digipaks and Vinyls, so I decided to not follow his way laughs.

What about the lyrics?

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He was a really good choice cause he screamed at us a little bit more laughs. When I write stuff I still see a vinyl LP. I still think that it should be listened from beginning to end, not just a bunch of singles or whatever. What about your adventures on the road this time between and ? Believe me it´s always an adventure at the minute one we leave our homes.

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Cause we never fly business class and we never have enough space booked for all our stuff and it´s always a discussion with instruments and merchandising. My idea of playing Metal, doesn´t matter what kind of these ten thousound genres we have right now, legjobb találkozó helyén németország live music.

You need to really enjoy this or you should stay at home.

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Having a really good friendship among the band members is also really helpful, or it will become too much of a job. Hey we played in 30 countries in 27 years so far and I love the risk. The risk is what throws it over the top. Playing in Dubai must have been something special! Please tell us how you felt and what you experienced… It was the trip of my life. Thanks to Moutasem Kabbani, who opened so many doors for us to get the chance to this adventure.

Unforgotten and hope to be back soon. Ah the first time in my life I went to swim with my band mates, hahaha!

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And the ralley through the desert. Ah so much stories, I need a beer. During the recording process I saw a video clip by Sólstafir and I was blown away by the landscapes in Iceland. We flew to Iceland outside the tourist season, cause it makes no sense to stop the recordings every single second cause a Chinese tourist with his photo camera is walking into your shot laughs.

Everything is so breathtaking and beautiful like you visit ten different countries in one, unforgotten and I wish you a nice time there. It was funny cause Julian has always to carry an urn and he forgot it 15 times of 17 shoots laughs. That was the funny part, three days later I sent the invoice geneve meating wanneer te gaat flört ver the record company and got the answer, wtf, laughs.

Julian found the wanneer te gaat flört ver and I found this message in a bottle and only together we can made it. Can you tell a bit more about the beautiful artwork — space like and you feel so much closer to nature in Iceland by the way — how did Elton Fernandes came up with this?

Was it a close félénk egyetlen találkozó even via internet?

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It was the idea of my brother and mine to combine it with the Iceland landscapes and some futuristic stuff. Regarding Elton, I´ve found some of his works on Facebook.

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His art blew me away and he really likes and understands our music and this is the third album we work together. The new cover is a photo, but it´s far away from the original.

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We sent the picture to him including our ideas and surprisingly: it works. Like always laughs! What are the plans for the near future? I am sure you might have some touring or gigs in the pipeline… Yeah we play some festival shows and headliner shows here in Germany in Summer, in September we head over to Russia, in October again some wanneer te gaat flört ver in good old Germany and in November we join our longtime friends in The 69 Eyes and go on tour for the whole November, but we miss the Italian show and a day off, cause on those dates, we´ll play a show in Madrid and a festival in Barcelona.

Sometimes I like my job… If there is anything you would like to add, feel free to round off this next conversation of ours with your thoughts… Thanks a lot and thank you for the interview. Would be cool if some of your readers like my words and I could share some interest in our new output. Listen to it, I promise you will not regret.

Hopefully see you soon! Check de onderstaande socials voor meer informatie over deze band.