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    Although the first formation lasted japán ismerősök a few rehearshals, this is to be considered their symbolic starting point. It happened years later, inthat Gery Riba met Adam Puskás in The United States, and they wrote a new song, 'Learnings', on a - nearly useless - acoustic guitar.

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    That very night the lyrics came along. InLevi Horváth on classical guitar joined the formation, and rounded up the team into a trio. After one year of silence Tamirel has returned with a brand new line-up inand they put more focus on the live sets beside writing new materials.

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    At singlebörse gelnhausen end of two long years of studio sessions and recordings, after releasing the acoustic album 'In Acoustic Session from the Rose Singlebörse gelnhausen Studios' the next hit of Tamirel, titled 'You and the World' is launched, as the harvest of 5 years' work and it comes in December of The lyrics, as well as the musical structure, reveal a concept-centered album.

    The main theme is a journey of the soul.

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    The story starts off from the deepest pits of depression and later on following the tracks we reach the point of break-trough, where traces of happiness are sought and found in the simple joys of life.

    Many artists have contributed on the recording sessions of the album before the live and current line-up was created.

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    Following the musically and artistic tradition of Pink Floyd the band has special visual elements on their shows.