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Meeting nő 66, Stay Healthy, Wash Your Hands


    A meeting agenda listing the meeting location and topics to be discussed is posted on meeting nő 66 Agenda page of this section and on mailstands throughout the Village several days before the meeting.

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    Please note that the Council agenda is subject to change. If a Council meeting will include a public hearing, the Public Hearing Notice is posted to the Public Notices page of this website and on mailstands at least two weeks in advance.

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    The Mayor presides over all Council meetings. Meetings tend to be relatively informal, though the business of the Council is treated seriously meeting nő 66 meetings are run according to Roberts Rules of Order.

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    The current schedule of regular Council meetings can be found on the Meeting Calendar page of this website. Special Council meetings may be held from time to time as needed.

    Minutes must be approved by the Council before posting on the website, which translates singles siegburg a delay of about a month.

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    As its legislative body, the Council affirms the policies, goals, and traditions of the Town and its residents through the passage of ordinances and adoption of resolutions.

    Government in Beaux Arts is truly grass roots. Villagers are encouraged to attend all meetings and speak on issues of concern to them.

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