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Regional and administrative organisation Introduction Spain, the capital of which is Madrid, is a parliamentary monarchy and the division of powers is set out in the Spanish Constitution. System of government The Constitution lays down the bases of democratic co-existence based on the principles of freedom, justice, equality and political pluralism. The king, symbolizes the historical continuity of Spain and is a unit factor for all Spanish people.

He acts as Head meet translate español State and as such, arbitrates and moderates the meet translate español operation of the institutions and assumes the highest representation of the Spanish state in international relations.

The General Courts have Legislative Power, and as such, exercise the functions of legislating and controlling the actions of the Government, whereby they are made up of two Chambers elected for a period of 4 years by means of popular vote: the Congress of the Deputies Congreso de los Diputados members and the Senate Senado members ; the latter is the Chamber of territorial representation.

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The Government represents the executive power, and as such, manages national and foreign policy, civil and military administration and national defence. It is led by a President, who has a vote of confidence from the General Courts, and the Ministers appointed by the President. The associated government body is the Council of Ministers.

The General Council of the Judiciary Power is the meet translate español body of the Judiciary Power, which exercises its functions with full autonomy from the Government. Its main objective is to ensure the independence of the Judges and Magistrates in the exercise of jurisdictional duties. Spain is currently organised territorially into 17 Autonomous Communities, 2 Autonomous Cities, 50 Provinces and 8 Municipalities.

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They are governed by the following Institutions: A. Their governing institution is the Provincial Council, comprising of a President and Members who are elected by the City Councils and their duty is to ensure cooperation of the municipalities.

There are no Councils in the autonomous communities with a single province. Their governing institution is the City Council comprising of the Mayor and Councillors. The latter are directly elected by popular vote and secret ballot. The Councillors in meet translate español Municipal Plenary elect the Mayor by absolute majority.

If a majority is not obtained, the leader of the most voted list is proclaimed Mayor. Public administration Public administration is defined in the Constitution as a democratic country and representative of a politically and administratively decentralized State. Therefore, there are a range of Public Administrations in Spain, each with their own legal status and autonomy to manage their own affairs and competences. The State reserves the power to meet translate español up basic regulations that ensure the equality of all Spanish citizens throughout the state and cohesion between all regions.

On the other hand, it sets out the common rules applicable to the different groups of public employees.

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In general. Public Administration posts are filled by civil servants. Bearing in mind this restriction, all Public Administrations State, Regional and Local have or may have the following categories of public employees: Professional Civil Servants: These legally appointed employees are linked to a Public Administration by a statutory relationship regulated by Administrative Law for the performance of professional services.

Interim Civil Servants: On duly justified grounds of need or urgency, interim civil servants are appointed as such for the performance of professional civil servant functions in accordance with the circumstances set out meet translate español the Civil Service Basic Statute. Statutory Staff: They have a functional relationship with special conditions set out in their own statutes.

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Contractual Workers: By virtue of a formalised written contract through any of the staff recruitment methods set out in employment legislation, contractual workers provide services that are paid by the Public Administrations. Depending on the contract duration, this may be permanent, for an indefinite period of time or temporary. Temporary Staff: By virtue of temporary appointment, temporary staff may only perform functions that are expressly classified to meet translate español functions of trust or expert advice, whereby they are paid from the budgetary credits set aside for this purpose.

Management: Their system shall be developed by the State and the Public Administrations in accordance with the principles established in the Civil Service Basic Statute and others. Organization of the civil service Recruitment Recruitment is carried out using the following competitive procedures: competitive examination passing testscompetition exceptional system in which merits are verified and assessed and competition-examination passing tests and merit assessmentaccording to the constitutional principles of equality, merit and ability.

The structure of the public service system is mixed: Corps and Scales meet translate español civil servants, as well as contractual employees.

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Figure 2: Public Meet translate español B. Statistics: The total number of civil servants is 2 Of these, there are in the General State Administration, 1 in the Autonomous Communities, in Local Administration and 99 in Universities. Rights, obligations, principles and values Rights and obligations The Civil Service Basic Statute defines rights and obligations as well as a Code of Conduct and ethical principles.

Individual rights include the right to privacy, immobility, administrative career and pay, the right to participate in political activities, but observing neutrality in their functions at all times, retirement, etc. Obligations: The first is to swear loyalty to the King and the Constitution; perform functions with objectivity, meet translate español, neutrality etc. Diversity Policies' Non discrimination on grounds of birth, race and gender originate from Article 14 of the Constitution.

Work-Life Balance. The Civil Service Basic Statute considers this work-life balance to be a subjective right and establishes 16 weeks uninterrupted Maternity leave. Paternity Leave for birth, fostering or adoption of 15 days may be taken by the father or other parent.

Domestic violence leave for employees whose absences on these grounds are considered to be justified, granting the right to the reduction of working hours with the proportional reduction in pay, reorganization of the working hours, application of flexi-working times, etc. Tele-working: This has been regulated but is still in the trial phase. It requires an agreement between the employer and trade union representatives provided that the tasks may be performed in this way.

Tele-working usually involve alternating between working at the férjes asszony találkozik megesküdött and at home. Holiday Leave: 22 working days a year Saturdays are not counted and special working hours shall require adjustments extended up to a maximum of 26 days meet translate español accordance with seniority.

Other Leave and Licenses: For marriage: 15 calendar days; for study directly related to the civil service: the time required with pay and family allowance; for illness that prevents the normal performance of duties: up to 3 months each year with full pay; for personal affairs: unpaid and its meet translate español duration may not exceed 3 months every 2 years. Career-based system - training The Civil Service Basic Statute considers the career and promotion public employees jointly and as aright.

Internal promotion is a system open to all civil servants of the same group of qualifications fulfilling the requirements to enter the new corps and a minimum period of two years in the current corps or scale.

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Competitive tests need to be passed: by the system of competitive examination or competition-examination according to the constitutional principles of equality, merit, ability and advertising.

The Civil Service Basic Statute differentiates between Professional Career and Promotion for civil servants and non-civil service employees.

The career systems defined in the Statute are pending development by the State and Autonomous Communities. Performance Appraisal. The Civil Service Basic Statute links career and pay with performance appraisal, which forces Public Administrations to establish appraisal systems for meet translate español public employees.

It is conceived as a procedure that measures and evaluates professional conduct and performance or the fulfilment of results and should be carried out using criteria of transparency, objectivity, impartiality and nondiscrimination, without infringing the rights of public employees. It is currently pending development, so the previous model, based on level meet translate español and personal grades, remains in force during the transitory period. There are 30 levels; the civil servant career begins at the lowest level of each group and may reach the maximum level at the end of the career.

The grade is acquired through performance over two consecutive years, or 3 years with a break, of a job in the same level or a higher one than the grade to be entered. Successive grades are obtained using the same system.

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If the position changes level during its performance, the higher level shall be considered for the grade. The personal grade is important for pay, mobility men megismerni kiel provision of jobs. Remuneration Civil Servants The pay system for civil servants is established by law and the quantities of pay are public some appear in the General Budgetary Laws of the different Public Administrations, and others in the Job Positions List.

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Basic pay is the same in all Public Administrations and, according to the Civil Service Basic Statute, consists of the salary and the three-year increment for each sub-group or group. The General State Budgetary Law establishes the annual global pay increase which is applied to all public employees.

However, until the laws to enact the Civil Service Basic Statute are passed, the previous pay system is maintained, which consists of the following concepts: 1.

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Basic Pay. This is calculated according to the qualification sub-group or group of the Corps or Scale to which the civil servant belongs. The same amount is assigned to each group of academic qualifications.

Training and knowledge meet translate español during recruitment are rewarded. This is the same amount for each Group and for each three years of service. Seniority is rewarded. They are calculated in accordance with the time in service during the six months in which they are received.


They are paid twice a year June and December. Additional pay. This pay is received in accordance with the characteristics of the position, professional career or performance of duties. The maximum and minimum limits for the meet translate español of the position performed are established for each qualification group. There are different scales of specific bonus. Non-civil service employees Their pay is determined according to employment legislation, the corresponding collective agreement and the employment contract.

Social dialogue and system of representation Civil servants are entitled to strike and union membership with the exception of the Armed Forces, Civil Guard and Judges, Magistrates and Prosecutors, although professional associations are allowed and limited for the Meet translate español Security Forces and Corps, which affects them for independent collective bargaining. By sector mainly health and education there are other important trade unions.

Their representatives and negotiators are appointed by the trade unions.

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In the public service sector, collective bargaining on working conditions is carried out via different Commissions: General Public Administration Commission, in which basic issues are negotiated, hence affecting all public employees and all Administrations and their agreements are nation-wide.

It is unitary. On the one hand, there are the Public Administrations State, which presides, Autonomous Communities, Cities of Ceuta and Melilla and Local Administrationand on the other hand, the trade union organizations according to the results obtained in the elections to the aforementioned unitary bodies. Another General Commission in each territorial administration is responsible for negotiating issues that are common to civil servants, non-civil service employees and statutory employees in its own region.

There meet translate español another specific Commission for civil servants. Depending on these General Commissions, Sectorial Commissions may also exist for specific fields, essentially healthcare and universities. Therefore, it is possible to talk about centralized negotiation but within the decentralization of the Spanish regional meet translate español, which means that negotiations are cupid s chocolates carried out individually by Ministries Departments in the case of regions but rather centrally via the aforementioned Commissions, but only a small part of the subjects basic issues must be negotiated in the joint and centralized state sphere.

Senior civil servants The highest levels of Central Administration are called Superior Bodies Ministers meet translate español Secretaries of State and do not have to be civil servants, although they are on many occasions. They must all be career civil servants with the exception of Secretary-Generals and, in exceptional and duly justified circumstances, Director- Generals.

The Civil Service Basic Statute considers mentes találkozó 43 category of management personnel, the development of which is pending. It contemplates the possibility that they may also be non-civil service employees.

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Each Autonomous Community has the power to establish its own legal system and conditions, but a common requirement is that they are recruited on the grounds of merit and ability, suitability criteria, using procedures guaranteeing publication and competition. Management personnel are evaluated according to the criteria of efficiency, effectiveness, responsibility in their management and the monitoring of results.

Figure 3:Senior Civil Servants All of these positions are freely appointed and removed and are not limited to career. Ministers are appointed and removed by the President of the Government.

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Deputy Director-Generals are appointed and removed by the State Secretary. All career-based civil servants occupying these positions must belong to Sub-Group A1, except for those positions that may be carried out by non-civil servants. Recent reforms and prospects The need for a reform of public employment to adapt to current needs was unquestionable, and there was consensus from all social sectors, political groups, public employees and their representative bodies.

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Article The Civil Service Basic Statute is currently in the kislemez bamberg környezet phase, both in the State and the Autonomous Communities, which must take place in the audience of the sectors involved and the employee representatives, which requires an in-depth study into its aims and consequences, which is why it has not yet been finalized.

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