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For biological filter media, specific surface area measured as surface area per gram of material, or surface area per some specified volume of material is very important.

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These products provide surface sites for bacteria to attach and do their work. The greater the surface area per gram of medium, the greater the number of bacteria that can attach.

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Thus a high specific surface area is desirable. There is a second consideration, and that is the size of the pores in the medium.

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Generally, with very large pore diameters, we have smaller specific surface area, so that is not good. This generally rules out pores above 10 microns in diameter.

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But we can go too far in the other direction. If we meet a mátrix a very large number of very, very small pores, then our specific surface area number will be phenomenal, but the medium will not work very well as a biological medium.

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This is due to physical limitations, specifically too small a volume to support bacterial growth, and the decreasing efficiency of fluid transport necessary to carry nutrients to the bacteria and waste away from the bacteria with very small pore sizes. Small pores still play important roles in physical and chemical processes, such as adsorption.

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Practically all the specific surface area of both Substrat Pro and MicroMec are in the range of pore diameters to be biologically useful, while some of the surface area of Matrix is in pores that are reserved for physical and chemical processes, not biological processes.

Estimates from two different pore geometries indicate that Matrix contains between 4 to 4.

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For a more in depth report on this study, click here. Each filter has three roles in a planted aquarium.


Toxic and algae-causing ammonia in the aquarium must be decomposed. As fast as possible.

Recall that the Laplacian L can be factored into the product of the incidence matrix and its transpose, i. A fenti meghatározás egyenértékű a mátrix egyenlőségével. The definition above is equivalent to the matrix equality. A mátrix metalloproteinázok egyesülnek a fémkötő fehérjével, a metalotioninnal; így segítve a fémkötés mechanizmusát.

Billions of bacteria growing in the filter convert ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate. Solid decomposition products should be meet a mátrix afloat. Good performance is essential.

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For a filter to fully perform all three roles, it must meet several criteria. Ideally suitable to have a bucket of the right size to store the right amount of találkozó a madagaszkári nő media.

Risk management IdMatrix is better Solutions available on the international market lack the degree of flexibility and customization customers may look for. Therefore, the implementation of such a solution requires unpleasant compromises, resulting in an identity management solution, that eventually greatly exceeds the budget and yet cannot meet the requirements of the business.

The filter material contained in it must be of adequate quality and variety. The pump in the filter must have sufficient capacity. The filter should be easy to clean so that the cumbersome process does not deter the aquarist from regular maintenance.

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Plus, the filter needs to be reliable; no one wants to flood a living room or office due to a cracked tap or joint.