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Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and lies about her life, so I would like to clarify them now. She was born into a Christian family between andand soon became a ismerkedés fotó, then she became part of the princely harem of Suleiman.

Her origin is disputed, most likely she was of Albanian or Montenegrin origin, but the Circassian origin cannot be ruled out either. The legend that she was a princess, however, is clearly not true. Posterity has spent this around her to i am looking for kerek nő a házasság their love and respect for her. The former three earned 5 aspers for a day while Mahidevran only four.

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Suleiman had at least one son, Mahmud, before Mustafa, but he could also have had a daughter named Raziye older than Mustafa. Thus, it is conceivable that the other three women were the mothers of these children. But it could also be that they were simply favorite consorts.

Finally, inMahidevran gave birth to her first and only child, Mustafa.

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Since Suleiman in Manisa followed the one-concubine-one-son rule and for other reasons as well it is impossible that Mahidevran would have had another child. After Hatice was widowed, it is possible that she returned to her mother and brother in Manisa. His mother Ayşe Hafsa arranged the harem of Manisa before she left.

Ayşe Hafsa finally left still before the other members of the harem and arrived to her son on 18 December. Mahidevran and the other harem ladies quite certainly arrived in Istanbul in early By the time the harem arrived, Suleiman already had a new concubine and favorite, a Ruthenian girl, Hürrem.

Probably Hürrem was already pregnant with her first child. Furthermore, on arrival in Istanbul, these women may have been busy settling down and helping their children through the difficulties of moving.

i am looking for kerek nő a házasság

It must have not been easy to explain to the children why they do not see their father every day now, as it happened in Manisa before.

Suleiman went on a campaign in spring ofleaving his harem behind. Probably by that time everyone had arrived from Manisa and was comfortably furnished in the Old Palace. The months of spring and summer were probably spent in peace, uneventfully. In the autumn, however, the plague appeared in the city and soon broke into the flört rím as well.

Mahidevran, with his little son Mustafa, certainly prayed in their apartment to escape the tragedy. Her prayers were heard so she and her child survived the epidemic, just like Hürrem and her newborn son.

i am looking for kerek nő a házasság

Surely her salary has also risen and her status has increased. Suleiman had to quickly take care of producing new heirs, as his heirs were a six-year-old boy and an infant, which was not enough security in that period.

Presumably the dislike of Mahidevran and Hürrem started at this time. Suleiman, instead of calling new, virgin concubines, asked for Hürrem again, contrary to custom.

This must have outraged Mahidevran deeply. Of course not because we could see it in the series of jealousy… Mahidevran was never a favorite of the sultan and there were always other women beside her. Hürrem gave birth to a daughter inwhich presumably reassured Mahidevran. However, her joy could not last long, for in Hürrem gave birth to another boy, followed in and by other sons. We know, as ambassadors wrote several times, that the whole joy of Mahidevran during these years was her son, Mustafa, and he spent all her time with him.

Contrary to the customs of the period, she entrusted the prince less to his governess and dealt with him herself.

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The two consorts rivalry is legendary. It is certain that they did not like each other and that there was sometimes a verbal conflict between them, but the famous brawl-fight could probably never have happened. According to the legend, Mahidevran beat Hürrem before the birth of her first child, scratching her face.

Beating a pregnant concubine would have been a huge sin and she would certainly have been exiled for it. In addition, eunuchs and kalfas were bustling in every corridor of the harem, it is inconceivable that the two women could have fought for minutes.

The most extreme thing imaginable is a slap and an insult. However, Hürrem and Mahidevran were forced to tolerate each other as they had to appear together many times. One such event was induring the circumcision ceremony of the Mustafa, Mehmed and Selim.

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Both and of course Ayşe Hafsa were present behind their curtained place during the celebration as well. They had to learn to tolerate each other. In any case, the two women certainly did not make life easier for Valide Ayşe Hafsa Sultan. It is not true, by the way, that Ayşe Hafsa would have preferred Mahidevran. For this reason she tried to treat both Mahidevran and Hürrem equally.

Her new life in Manisa Mahidevran was finally able to get rid of Hürrem in when the Sultan appointed Mustafa to govern the province of Manisa.

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According to custom, the prince was accomponied into his province by his mother, and Mahidevran acted like that. She and her son were welcomed in Manisa. Mustafa was very popular among the Janissaries from an early age and the young prince was also sympathic to the common people.

i am looking for kerek nő a házasság

The worship of Mustafa may also have been due to the fact that Hürrem was hated by the common people, so it was natural that the other woman and her son would be supported more. This love grew especially when, inSuleiman created a new rank, the title of Haseki, for Hürrem and married her.

These events certainly upset Mahidevran and Mustafa, however, the love for them gave them strength. She must have watched Ayşe Hafsa before to learn from her the ins and outs of harem i am looking for kerek nő a házasság.

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Mahidevran was also able to try herself in a new role in Manisa, for in addition to leading an entire court for the first time in her life, she also became a grandmother inwhen her first grandchild, Nergis-Şah, was born. Another turning point Ina turning point occurred in her life, as Suleiman moved Mustafa from Manisa to Amasya province.

There are plenty of question marks around this event, and of course we cannot know for sure that Mahidevran and Mustafa were really disappointed with this relocation. In earlier periods, Amasya was the most coveted province, as it was a real challenge because of its closeness to the borders and it was easy to prove how capable is the ruler of it.

Real Life Sultanas — Portrait of Mahidevran Hatun / Mahidevran Hatun...

I am looking for kerek nő a házasság any case, it must have hurt Mahidevran that soon after their departure, Suleiman had appointed his favorite son, Mehmed to rule in Manisa. However, Mehmed could not rule Manisa for long because he died in as a result of an epidemic.

For if Mahidevran had tried to kill Mehmed and fail, she would be executed immediately and Mustafa would be cruelly punished, perhaps even executed. Nevertheless, although Mehmed was supported by Suleiman, he did not pose a threat to Mustafa, whom everyone adored. It would have been madness to risk everything with killing Mehmed.

It was precisely for this reason that they had to fear Hürrem. Hürrem would have done anything to save her own sons, so she made alliances and fought, she was especially supported by her son-in-law, Rüstem Pasha. Mahidevran dreaded losing her son. Thus, at first Hürrem did not specifically state lies about Mustafa, she only reported his mistakes to Suleiman. Meanwhile in the case of her own sons, she tried to cover up the mistakes. Mahidevran must have known about this, but she could do nothing.

She was far from the capital, while Hürrem lived there, in the immediate vicinity of Suleiman.