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What makes lotus silk the rarest fiber in the world?

Image credit: Zhifei Zhang et al An ancient sea animal that looked like a flower had its anus right next to its mouth, a new fossil study finds.

Shafiun Nahar Elma Posted on December 2, pm Share Lotus silk, a natural flower fiber, is a rare and highly exclusive fiber. This natural flower fiber is only extracted by a few expert craftspeople across the world.

Although it was an early Gothic Castle, it was later renovated as a Renaissance Castle in the 16th century. At first glance, the small Castle seems normal and almost mediocre, however upon closer inspection one starts to notice a number of strange features.

Extracting enough lotus silk for one scarf can take two months or more than that. The final product of Lotus silk can cost 10 times as much as regular silk. Fabric produced from lotus silk is found only on small scale across Cambodia, Myanmar, and more recently in Vietnam.

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Figure 1: Lotus fiber extraction. Courtesy: Collected The silk thread comes from the stem of a lotus flower.

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These rare textiles are woven in Cambodia in workshops whose art dates back more than years. In Cambodia, weaving is an exclusive skill mainly reserved for women.

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With flört wat dat betekent patience, these women begin a delicate manual procedure to transform the fiber into a silk thread that can be woven.

Cambodian seamstresses work with the silk in a workshop, bringing the greatest attention to the quality of their clothes.


History Lotus flowers are sacred to Hindus and Buddhists. They symbolize the mind, the soul, enlightenment and purification of the body. But making flört wat dat betekent silk is different, which usually comes from silkworms.

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Figure 2: Lotus flower. The key difference between the bright yellow silk and miért nem felel meg egy ember paler lotus version is that every single strand of natural lotus silk must be extracted by hand.

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Every thread of lotus silk starts with the stem of the lotus flower. Process Once the Lotus stem is selected and picked by hand, the silk inside of the flower can be extracted.

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One stem contains a minuscule amount of thin, sticky fibers, which must be rolled together and dried also. The threads need to be processed within 24 hours while stems fiber are wet.

In another way, these fibers will breakdown.

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The lotus plants are only available to harvest between April and October. Once dry, these yarns are carefully weighed down and delicately hand-reeled.

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  • What makes lotus silk the rarest fiber in the world?
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Then yarns are put into the loom. These natural fibers are breakable, but once it becomes woven, it may be as viable as traditional silk. The final product is completely different from any other fiber and fabric.

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It is so soft like silk, breathable like linen, and slightly like vivid. Some instructions for lotus silk This lotus fabric will not need a lot of washing.

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If anyone would like to wash their Lotus scarf though, they have to consider the following instructions: Use only a drop of very mild soap; Do not leave your scarf soaking; do not wring out or twist the scarf; Leave the scarf to dry in a flat position; Avoid direct sunlight when drying; Do not use a tumble dryer; Use an iron-on silk program and iron the scarf when still moist. Conclusion Some luxurious features have made it popular with tourists searching for rare souvenirs.

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But the scale of it has been limited, as there are still few trained in the making of these silk threads or yarn. But despite the work involved, Phan Thi Thuan is wishing that this natural fabric from lotus fabric become a larger industry one day.

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