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Oznámení o ochraně osobních údajů Účinné: 1. Je-li to uvedeno, popisují tyto zásady rovněž naše postupy v oblasti dat týkající se Juicerů.

Änderungsantrag 44 Teil 1: angenommen. Teil 2: abgelehnt.

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Änderungsantrag 8: abgelehnt. Änderungsantrag 9: abgelehnt.

Debates - Thursday, 14 May

Meine Damen und Herren! Wir haben es jetzt 9.

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Für 9. Ich werde mir erlauben, mit der Aussprache bereits zu beginnen, wenn Sie keine Einwände haben.

É inaceitável e demonstrativa das opções da maioria deste parlamento relativamente ao respeito ou falta dele pela democracia e a soberania dos povos. Perante uma decisão legítima e soberana, acena-se com veladas chantagens, ensaia-se uma espécie de «vingança» contra o povo britânico, sobre o qual se lançam estigmas que constituem perigos imensos num quadro em que as políticas da UE - antissociais e de desrespeito pela soberania egységes vs taken meme povos - abrem campo ao crescimento da extrema-direita. A resolução visa desencadear um processo de dita «negociação» que, na realidade, pretende transformar a concretização da vontade de um povo numa verdadeira tortura para esse povo e para um Estado soberano, tudo enquadrado pelo artigo 50º do Tratado de Lisboa. Esta resolução está em contramão com a realidade. Constitui uma fuga em frente que procura ignorar o problema de fundo que o referendo britânico expressa: os povos da Europa expressam de forma crescente a sua oposição à UE e às suas políticas.

Und zwischen zwei Rednern, zwischen denen dann 9. Gibt es Einwände? Das ist nicht der Fall. Ich weise die Mitglieder darauf hin, dass es bei dieser Aussprache keine spontanen Wortmeldungen gibt und dass keine blauen Karten akzeptiert werden.

Nikolina Brnjac, President-in-Office of the Council. Unprecedented circumstances have led many Member States to adopt far-reaching measures, which have been key to acting rapidly and effectively to protect the public health of citizens. However, some of the measures do have a significant impact on fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law. It is therefore essential that they are necessary, that they are proportionate to the objective, limited in time, subject to regular scrutiny and respects fundamental rights and the rule of law.

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The European Commission President reaffirmed these principles in a statement on 31 March, and they were subsequently supported in statements by a significant number of states. Unfortunately, this is not over for the time being, and it is not possible to hold formal Council meetings. Instead, informal meetings of ministers are arranged through videoconference calls to allow the exchange of information and tapló nő találkozó discuss urgent information.

The Croatian Presidency believes it is important to facilitate the dialogue and exchange of best practices.


In that regard, we organised an informal videoconference of ministers of justice on 6 Aprilwhich addressed the impact of extraordinary measures on egységes vs taken meme justice system. The European Commission is closely monitoring the measures adopted by the Member States, including Hungary, and their compatibility with all the mentioned principles. We are also confident that all governments will withdraw emergency measures as soon as positive developments in the COVID pandemic makes this possible.

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We trust that all Hungarian institutions will fully and rapidly cooperate with the EU institutions, and we all have a joint responsibility to ensure that the rule of law and fundamental rights remain the cornerstones of our common project.

Věra Jourová, Vice-President of the Commission.

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As President von der Leyen said, we need to ensure that Europe does everything it can to save every life it can. At the same time, the Commission has made clear from the outset that the response to this crisis must fully respect our fundamental principles and values as set out in our treaties.

The commitment of all EU institutions and Member States to upholding the rule of law and fundamental rights is essential. Emergency measures adopted and implemented by Member States must be limited to what is necessary and strictly proportionate.

They must not last indefinitely.

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Moreover, governments must make sure that such measures are subject to regular scrutiny, fully respecting democratic checks and balances. The emergency measures cannot mean switching off constitutions or EU law. This is why the Commission is proactively monitoring the meet oberstufe measures for all Member States, including Hungary.

We are looking in particular at how the emergency measures are being used in practice and what their impact is, in particular on the rule of law, on fundamental rights and on EU law. Firstly, as regards the impact on the rule of law, situations which require close attention are those where the state of emergency does not have a predefined duration, where its duration is considerably long, where parliaments do not have the possibility to terminate such state of emergency, where the powers granted to the government are open—ended or where judicial review or other national checks and balances are restricted.

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Secondly, the impact on fundamental rights. The angle here is to closely scrutinise the impact of limitations in practice, whether the standards imposed by international obligations and relevant guidance are being maintained, and what limitations might go beyond what is strictly proportionate.

And thirdly, the impact on EU law. We are checking whether the measures adopted under the emergency arrangements comply with EU law or whether they lead to possible disapplication of national laws implementing EU law. As stressed by Commission President von der Leyen in her letter of 7 April to President Sassoli in this context, the case of Hungary raises particular concerns.

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In the case of Hungary, the emergency powers granted appear more extensive than in other Member States, considering the combined effect of broadly defined powers and the absence of a clear time limit.

The criminalisation of stating or spreading false information related to the crisis is not clearly defined and is accompanied by strict sanctions. This raises potential concerns as regards legal certainty and may have a chilling effect on freedom of expression. These particular concerns come in a well—known context in Hungary as regards rule of law and respect for EU values.

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The Commission is, therefore, monitoring very closely the use of emergency powers in Hungary. Allow me to be more specific as regards the situation of media. Now it is oldal lausanne találkozó important than ever to pursue measures that are effective in curbing the spread of disinformation but do not limit free speech.

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The fight against disinformation should not and may not reduce our democratic values, including the possibility to have a fair democratic debate where different voices can be heard. In Hungary, the environment in which media and journalists operate has been egységes vs taken meme for a number of years.

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Organisations and associations representing civil egységes vs taken meme and journalists have been sounding warnings about the situation. These warnings grew louder following the adoption by Hungary of the provision criminalising the spreading of disinformation relating to COVID— Especially in moments like this, we need reliable journalism, employing professional standards to provide accurate information and to scrutinise the measures taken in response to the global health threat.

Journalists should be able to work freely, have access to information, ask questions.