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    Felhasználói együttműködés Játékon belüli vásárlások The amazing next-gen economic strategy game for true-born businessmen! Have you ever dreamed of becoming a business tycoon?

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    Big Business Deluxe gives you a chance to turn this dream into reality! Build a modern metropolis, set up your own business and make millions right now!

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    Of course, there is a bumpy road ahead. On your way to the top you will build factories, manufacture your products and learn the secrets of effective management to keep all your enterprises under control. Put your economic skills to work! Use different business tactics to be always one step ahead of your competitors and become the best entrepreneur possible.

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    While reaching for fame and riches, do not forget to take care of your citizens. Expand your territory, business men business site infrastructure, extinguish fires and participate in public life.

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    Remember that your potential is limited by your ambition only! Start the game now: your boss chair is waiting for you! The game uses in-app purchases.

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    In-app purchases can speed up gameplay.