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    According to sources in the Vatican and Hungary, efforts are being made to convince the Pope to stay in Hungary beyond the morning of Sept.

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    • Pope Francis’ Plans for Trip to Hungary Spark Diplomatic Unease| National Catholic Register
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    After the closing Mass, he is expected to leave for the Slovakian capital Bratislava. Since the possibility of a visit to Hungary first emerged last year, the Pope has made it clear he would only be visiting the Eucharistic congress and had no plans to visit the country itself.

    But Budapest is a two-hour drive from Bratislava: why not pay a visit to the Slovaks?

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    Everyone thinks it is unacceptable. Political differences form budapest nő meeting background to this potential diplomatic snub. The Hungarian government has tried to minimize this by proposing possible meetings between the Pope and opposition leaders as well as those in power.

    If he does travel on to Slovakia, the Pope is likely to receive a different welcome in a country led by its first woman president, Zuzana Čaputová, a leftist politician, lawyer, and environmental activist.

    The prospects of such a visit to the predominantly Catholic country are also helped by the Slovaks having a strong lobby in the Vatican that is more favored because of its political situation, according to a Vatican source.

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    Pope Francis has made budapest nő meeting visits before to countries for reasons other than to visit the nations themselves: He flew budapest nő meeting Strasbourg, France, to speak at the European Parliament and Council of Europe on Nov.

    But those visits were not to the capitals of those countries and courtesy visits to meet state leaders were therefore not on the agenda although the President of the Swiss Federation did travel from Bern to meet him in Geneva. It is also rare for a Pope to attend an International Eucharistic Congress, and Francis will be the first Roman Pontiff to do so in 20 years.

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    The Sept. This will be the 52nd such meeting since it began in France in and was postponed last year due to the coronavirus outbreak. Officials in Budapest are eagerly awaiting what the Vatican eventually decides.

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